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As the senior advocate of airport owner and operator organizations in Canada, AMCO has evolved into a strong provincial organization committed to the sustainability of airports nationally. Incorporated on October 18, 1985, AMCO’s aims are: to represent the interests of the owners and/or operators of airports and aerodromes in the province of Ontario; and, to promote the safe and efficient operation of those airports.

Vision Statement

AMCO’s vision is to lead Ontario’s airports and aerodromes to be the safest and most efficient in the world.

Inherent in this vision is the expectation that AMCO will continue to develop to reach its full potential as an educator and advocate in order to provide a safe and efficient airport and aerodrome network to travelers, industry, government, and emergency services throughout Ontario.

Mission Statement

AMCO’s mission is to provide advocacy for and education to Ontario’s airports and aerodromes.

Inherent in this mission is the expectation that AMCO, by developing to its full potential, will be a leading industry organization and will be financially sustainable as a business entity over the long term. Inspired by this mission are two strategic themes: Education; including communication and training; and, Advocacy; including representation at all levels of government and bringing together industry leaders for the betterment of Ontario’s airports and aerodromes.


  • To be the leading advocate of the airport industry in Ontario and a leader in the advocacy of the aviation industry nationally;
  • To be a representative of member interests on the local, provincial and federal levels of government;
  • To be a conduit of education and communication; and,
  • To be a training provider in the topics and issues related to the safe, secure, efficient and financially sustainable operation of airports and related businesses.



We are finally on the right side of winter and moving into what is sure to be a busy and exciting spring/summer. After a number of spring sessions, including two Small Airport and Aerodrome Working Group meetings and CASOP we are looking forward to a number of other events throughout May and into the summer. We encourage all members, and non-members to keep a close eye on the events section of AMCO member email and watch for training and networking events coming up in your area.

We are excited to be working with the IAAE Canada to offer back-to-back events this month. The IAAE Canada FOAM conference runs from May 27th – 30th and the Spring Airfield Workshop will be hosted immediately following in the Niagara Region on May 31st. We also have joint sponsorship opportunities and discounted attendance rates for everyone interested in attending both events. FOAM will be taking place this year in Toronto at the Hyatt Regency Hotel followed by the Workshop hosted by the Niagara District Airport at the Holiday Inn and Suites Parkway Conference Centre in St. Catharine’s.

AMCO has two training courses running this May and we are always looking to partner with member airports to host training in their region to help lower costs and increase attendance. If you have any training needs coming up this summer and would like AMCO to help facilitate your event please don’t hesitate to contact the AMCO offices.

AMCO also continues to promote our Ambassador Program. Designed with our small airport and aerodrome members in mind, we developed an Airports Value 101 PowerPoint and Brochure for airports to use in conjunction with their own materials when presenting to councils, airport commissions, etc. As airport operators, our members see the value in maintaining a robust airport network and treating small and regional airports as critical infrastructure. As part of our commitment to provide advocacy for Ontario’s airports and aerodromes you may now request AMCO’s staff and board to advocate alongside you at the local level; including speaking with your governance organizations and writing letters of support. For more information on the program please contact the AMCO offices.

We continue to encourage members to take part in the AMCO Aviation General Liability program, administered through business member The Magnes Group. Benefits include increased coverage and purchasing power. Contact the AMCO offices or The Magnes Group directly to learn how to the program can benefit your airport or aerodrome.


  • Stephen-Wilcox
  • Mike Karsseboom
  • Duane Riddell
  • Terry Bos - Plane
  • Chris-Wood---Plane
  • Nancy-Hewitt---Plane

  • Bryan Avery

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