AMCO is pleased to host two main events each year, the Airfield Workshop and the Annual Convention and Tradshow.

The Convention is a great event for airport management to network with their peers, learn about new companies and services in the aviation industry, and learn from our speakers.  It is also a great opportunity for business attendees to connect with their current and potential clients.  AMCO’s Annual General Meeting is held during this event and we look forward to seeing our members in person each year.

The Airfield Workshop is an event held in May.  The focus is often directed towards operational staff and have featured topics such as Winter Maintenance Operations and Airport Technologies.  This event continues to evolve and we look forward to inviting you each year to our Workshop.

AMCO will often host smaller training events throughout the year, and we also partner with airports to assist in driving registrations to courses they are running.  To find out more about training, or partnering with AMCO to run a course, please contact us at [email protected]

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