Ryan Brading

Northwest Regional Director

Having worked in the transportation industry for 17 years, Ryan began his career in the aviation environment in January of 2009. His first role at YQT was as an Airport Operations Specialist supervisor, where he has gained a thorough knowledge of the front line operations. In that capacity, he earned the respect to be given responsibility for managing the installation of a new passenger boarding bridge, to implement an Industrial Vegetation Management program as a licensed exterminator with the MOE, while positively shaping the culture as president of the local union.

Ryan Brading is currently serving the role of Airport Services Manager at the Thunder Bay International Airport, a position he’s held since March 2015. During this time, Ryan has overseen many successful projects including the rehabilitation of runway 12-30 and two taxiways, instituting a complete OLS monitoring program, and directly integrating the SMS reporting system with a separate front line reporting system to easily allow for data and trend management. Ryan is also responsible for managing all duties relating to the winter operations and snow removal plan, bird and wildlife control programs, all airside/groundside maintenance, and ARFF response & emergency management plans with related exercises, where he actively and closely works with all municipal organizations.

Ryan is chair of the Airport Operations and Safety Committee (YQT), a participant with the OSTA (CAC) committee, and most recently assumed the position as Northwest Regional Director with AMCO, where he is dedicated to closely work with members to meet their needs.

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