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As the senior advocate of airport owner and operator organizations in Canada, the Airport Management Council of Ontario (AMCO) has evolved into a strong provincial organization committed to the sustainability of airports nationally. Incorporated in 1985, AMCO represents the interests of owners and operators of airports in the province of Ontario; and, it promotes the safe and efficient operation of these airports. Others associated with this sector of Ontario’s transportation system, such as Transport Canada, NAV CANADA, educational facilities and some of Canada’s most innovative and experienced business men and women, are members.

AMCO recognizes that its greatest strength lies in its membership. Accordingly, it supports and represents airports of various sizes, ownership, organizational structures and economic health; and, businesses and educational facilities that work to enhance airport operations and sustainability.

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Benefits for Your Airport

Airports in our membership are easy to connect to and are willing to share information through forums such as “Airport is Asking” an email circulated to our membership asking a specific question you have.

Great networking and learning opportunities at our two large annual events- the Convention and the Workshop.

AMCO provides training throughout the year on relevant topics.  We also provide the opportunity to airports who are doing training, to add to the registration through our membership, thus reducing the overall cost of the training for the airport.

AMCO provides access to online training.

  • In addition to industry news and information, the AMCO website will display your job postings, equipment you have for sale, or your need for a piece of equipment, to an unlimited number of potential applicants.
  • AMCO monitors developments within the airport industry; communicates this information to you; lobbies the federal and provincial governments and NAV CANADA on issues; and, takes effective action when required.

Benefits for You Business

Your success is essential to ours, which is why we actively provide the keys for your business to succeed in the largest growing airport and aviation market.

We work with our members to provide them with marketing opportunities to the airport industry. To facilitate this, each business and associate member is provided with their own page, allowing them to promote themselves with brochures, images of past projects, testimonials, their corporate logo, and much more. Visit our current Business and Associate members to give you an idea of how they are using the opportunity.

If you don’t have a site for your aviation products, or maybe your corporate website doesn’t allow for you to have an airport specific site, we can help you.

Our Business and Associate member pages are the most viewed sections of our site, so why not have your business promoted there too?

Best of all, we work for you, promoting your products and services to airports looking for them. Let AMCO help you successfully position yourself in the airport industry, as we listen to airport needs, industry developments, and more.


In addition to the many benefits you receive as a new Business member of AMCO, you also receive the following promotional opportunities:

A Free E-Mail Announcement
Your word-formatted message will be emailed out to all AMCO members, highlighting your company as a new AMCO member, and your products and services.

New Member Announcement
New members are announced in the next upcoming eZine (newsletter).

Membership Directory Listing
Members are listed in the annual membership directory. Directories are printed and distributed to members, plus many others are distributed digitally.

Web Site Listing
Members are listed on the Airport Management Council of Ontario’s website with links provided to the individual member’s website and email address. There are over 4,000 hits per month on the website.

Airport Management Council of Ontario Referrals
As the Council office fields a number of inquiries, by phone and by email, we refer customers to AMCO members.

  • Updated Industry Contact Information
  • Free Advertising (and Affordable Upgrades)
  • Free Preferred Business Supplier Listing
  • Exclusive Promotional Opportunities
  • Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Highly Discounted Event Registrations
  • Guest Speaker Opportunities
  • Complimentary Industry Update Emails
  • Opportunity to Contribute News Articles
  • Access to Member Job Postings, RFPs, etc.

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you. We can help with your operational, marketing, or any other need. Contact our office at:

1.877.636.AMCO (2626)
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