All airports require continuous training to ensure safe and efficient operations. It is a matter of due diligence. AMCO is proud to offer great professional development opportunities all across the province. Whether it be an in-class setting or online, the training offered through AMCO is certain to satisfy.

Online Training Made Easy

If an accident should occur at your facility, the following is the list of documents you would require to prove that you have exercised due diligence:

  • A copy of your facility’s Health and Safety Policies, Practices and Procedures;
  • A record of the workplace audits that have been conducted;
  • The training records of all of your supervisors and all of your employees including names, dates of training, courses taken and marks achieved;
  • The minutes of the Health & Safety Committee meetings held in the previous 24 months;
  • Copies of progressive discipline reports generated through the monitoring of safety in the workplace; and,
  • Documents regarding your Accident Prevention and Reporting Program.


This is computer based training that works! It uses leading edge interactive multimedia software that contributes to higher information retention for workers and demonstrates due diligence through training, testing and record maintenance. Here are some other benefits:

  • This training process is user-friendly. It has a complete How To help file with easy to find and use operating instructions.
  • You don’t have to pull everyone off their jobs or send a portion of the staff away to access the training and this programme can be used by your employees at multiple locations.
  • You will receive supervisor and employee training records in the reports of your choice.
  • All data is backed up automatically and the system is managed for you. There is no costly IT department involvement.
  • It is easy to budget for this training.
  • Custom Corporate Log-In page for facilities which require a large amount of online training.


  • Individuals learn at their own pace.
  • Research has shown that it takes less time to complete the training modules than it does to sit in classroom training. In 1998, the American Multimedia Association stated that computer based training can reduce training time from 30% – 70% compared to traditional classroom training; and, students experience three times better content retention six months after course completion.
  • Workers have on-going access so they can reference materials or upgrade.
  • Classroom interruptions are eliminated.
  • Individuals are more comfortable and tend to learn faster.
  • Peer pressure and the fear of failure are reduced. Better yet, no one is watching.
  • This programme is designed to be used by individuals who may have a fear of computers.
  • Instructions are voiced-over. Being interactive helps individuals stay focused during training sessions. Variety in delivery style maintains interest.
  • Longer training courses have a Table of Contents. If training is interrupted, individuals know where they start when they return.


  • Receive all the above benefits, at a discounted rate.
  • Discounts range from $10.00 to $100.00 off the price of a course.
  • Discount Promo Code which tracks your organization, and staff purchases.


  • AVOP Online Training
  • Introduction to Aviation SMS
  • SMS 101
  • Workplace Violence
  • Safety Orientation


For more information on AMCO’s web based training, and the AMCO Online Training Portal, please contact:

Aaron Lougheed
Executive Directror
P. 1.877.636.2626  ext. 201  |    E. [email protected]

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