The Loomex Group

Established in 2009, The Loomex Group proudly offers aviation, emergency management and marketing experience to airports and aviation businesses.

The Loomex Team consists of pilots, airport managers, administrators and marketers, and we take great pride in our strengths:

• Loomex brings a wide knowledge base from highly trained and experienced staff in the areas of Aviation and Emergency Planning to assist our clients.

• An unwavering focus on airport safety and emergency planning. Each year, Loomex conducts Emergency Exercises, Audits and Training with a number of airports to ensure safety throughout our client base.

• Commitment to, and pride in, being a member of the aviation community. This sense of pride comes from a long history in the aviation industry.

• Collaborative, long term relationships with an emphasis on achieving mutual benefits for the success of the Airports we work with.

• A focus on relationship building and partnership development.

We offer a number of services that can assist you in being compliant with regulations and that can help you create best practices moving forward.

Our clients include both public and private enterprises throughout the aviation industry and beyond. With our experience managing, promoting, maintaining and ensuring safety, the Loomex staff work as an extension of your business to ensure worry free and friendly delivery of products and services.

Products & Services

    • Airport Operation and Management
    • Communication and Marketing
    • Emergency Exercise Design
    • Emergency Management Training
    • Property Management
    • Public Relations


Contact: Trent Gervais


Phone: 705-743-6708



925 Airport Rd. Unit 550

Peterborough, Ontario K9J 0E7

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