Projects completed at over 200 airports worldwide. Client relationships lasting over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of airport operations and the in-house expertise necessary to deliver a successful airport project.

We work with our clients to uncover and celebrate what is unique about their region and country. We use art and architecture to differentiate airports and make them more enjoyable and easier to get around. We apply our extensive retail design expertise to make shopping a natural part of the travel experience. And we respond with innovation to the important considerations of safety and security.

Outside the terminal, our runway and taxiway work has laid the foundation for airports across North America. Whether we’re developing energy-efficient approaches to runway surfacing, applying electrical and lighting designs for safe take-offs and landings, or designing intuitive airport roadways, our goal is to get eager travelers on their way with ease, while bringing greeters and their loved ones together just that little bit faster.

By taking design to new heights, we’re helping make airports more enjoyable, profitable, and efficient.


Contact: Philip Van Manen


Phone: 403-471-6722



400-1331 Clyde Ave.

Ottawa, Ontario K2C 3G4

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