Hub Surface Systems

For pilots, ground crews, maintenance and traffic management personnel, highly visible, easy-to-understand markings that can be read and seen at any time of day or night are critical to the safe operation of any airport. Exposure to temperature and weather extremes as well as constant wear means the paints, plural components and preformed thermoplastics used for marking your runways and taxiways have to be especially resilient. Ennis-Flint has unmatched experience and performance in the Canadian and North American markets.
Supplied in rolls, the interconnected colors and shapes of AirMarkĀ® material is ready to be positioned onto the concrete or asphalt pavement surface. This unique feature translates into significant application time savings. Installation requires AirMarkĀ® Sealer, a large heater and a propane heat torch. Retroreflective glass beads are intermixed throughout the material so that as the marking wears new beads are exposed for retained retroreflectivity. The area can be reopened to traffic within 15 minutes after application.


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