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Explorer Solutions offers a range of specialized consulting services tailored to meet your requirements. The added value of our services stems from our ability to develop and deliver concrete solutions adapted to your reality and objectives.

Our team of seasoned professionals has years of experience in the airport, aerospace and defence industries as well as in industrial and economic development. On behalf of our clients, we monitor and are continually on the lookout for the latest trends affecting these sectors. Likewise, our extensive network of international contacts and partners enables us to serve you better in foreign markets.

Our work is based upon business models that are viable, enduring, and profitable for our clients. We have built our reputation on the value and scope of our ideas and deliverables as well as on the depth of our involvement. We love our work and the personal relationships we are able to develop with our clients.

Not only will we provide you with the highest quality work, but we will present the results in a use-able and easily understood format. You will benefit from a series of concrete business solutions that can be developed and implemented in the short-term. We are truly proud to offer you our premium consultancy services.

Airport Services Consultancy

We provide you with concrete and realistic solutions that meet your airport particular goals:
• Development of Strategic Plans and Market Studies
• Air Services Studies
• Identification and Development of Industrial Market Niches
• Business Plans
• Strategic Positioning
• Financial Analysis
• Strategies and Promotion of Air Transportation

Air Navigation and Aviation Operational Consultancy

In order to optimize the accessibility to the airport in any weather condition, we can answer to the clients’ needs in:

• Evaluation of Runway Certification and Obstacle Clearances
• Determining the Feasibility of Instrument Flight Procedures
• Flight Procedure Design and Airspace Management

Our aim is assisting Air Navigation Service Providers, Airport Operators, Civil Aviation Agencies, Military Aviation, and the general aviation industry in achieving maximum operational effectiveness and maintaining high safety standards.

Products & Services

    • Air Navigation and Aviation
    • Air Service Studies
    • Business Plans
    • Development of Strategic Plans and Business Plans
    • Market Studies
    • Operational Consultancy
    • Training


Contact: Christian Perrault


Phone: 450-441-9055



1494 Montarville Road, Suite 205

Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec J3V 3T5

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