Clariant (Canada) Inc.

Even in extreme winter conditions, runways need to be clear and the surfaces of aircraft must be free from ice and snow before take-off. This is why Clariant has developed De-/Anti-Icing Fluids, which fulfill all international requirements. We apply exacting standards to the quality and reliability of these products. In attaining these standards, environmental protection is given equality priory.

Clariant has wide-ranging expertise in research, development and environmental protection. With over 40 years of de-icing industry experience, our aircraft de-icing products ensure the safety that people depend on.

Products & Services

    • De-Icing and Anti-Icing Fluids


Contact: Brad Biester


Phone: 704-822-2677



140 Boylan Avenue Suite 100

Dorval, Quebec H9S 5L3

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