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ASAP GeomatiX has re-defined the aerial 3D model dataset to an Airport specific product for the approach assessment. Our comparatively low cost, super high definition aerial imaging system provides clear and accurate data for your approach assessment analysis. This is now being completed for a number of regional and international airports across Canada to verify the object and tree assessment for removal, cutting. Clients understand this is not their conventional method for data collection however; we have proven high-level accuracy, reduced costs and processing times significantly. Our products are being delivered in common formats including and online portal for your convenience they are delivered faster and easier to manage than ever before.

Who is ASAP Geomatix?
ASAP Avionics, our sister company; has been a certified AMO Avionics Shop since 1996, performing cutting edge aviation research into Glass Cockpits, Aerial reconnaissance systems, AR cockpit systems, NVG systems and more. As the first Avionics Company to install an STC’d Glass Cockpit into the Robinson R44, we launched ASAP Geomatix in 2012 – with the mandate to deliver the highest resolution imagery possible in the aerial mapping industry. Combined with 40 years of military and aviation experience, ASAP Geomatix presents GIS data at unprecedented resolutions in order tosolve complex GIS problems at lightning speeds.
Having designed and built the R44 Gigapixel Imagery pod in house with feedback from operators and avionics technicians in mind, we have reduce work load on the pilots, increased safety, all while improving collection accuracies. The unit is compatible with any Robinson R44 Helicopter and is simple to install and remove. With our network of professional operators throughout Canada, United States and Brazil we can provide service across the continent and beyond.
We have designed proprietary processing software to automate all the information collected – we do BIG data. Whether you choose to use our system directly or already have raw images or LiDAR, we can collect AND process any data to ensure your receive your information in your preferred format – simple, effective and efficient.

For more information about Obstacle Limitation Surfaces please view the following presentation: VIEW PRESENTATION


Contact: Chris Harrott


Phone: 250-923-8878



16-2000 Jubilee Pkwy.

Campbell River, British Columbia V9H 1T5

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