Akila SMS Inc.

Akila is a web-based application that gives you control of your Safety Management System (SMS) and airport & flight operations with just a few clicks. Designed on ICAO principles, this simple, effective, and secure platform is fully compliant with the Canadian aviation regulations.

Akila is a collaboration between two Canadian businesses: OCTANT Aviation, an air transportation consulting firm, and Uzinakod, specialists in developing tailor-made web solutions. Together, they count more than 70 experts in aviation and technologies.

Products & Services

    • Akila Go: Ideal for registered aerodromes
    • Akila Pro: Essential for certified airports
    • Akila Air: Fundamental for carriers


Contact: Jefferson Duplain Laferriere


Phone: 450-678-4884



4501 Bishop St. Suite 202

Longueuil, Quebec J3Y 9E1

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