Mike Karsseboom, C.D., A.A.E.


Past President

Mike has 35 years’ experience in the aviation industry. He started his career with the Canadian Airforce as a radar operator within NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defence Command.

After 8 years as part of NORAD Mike was asked if he would be interested in becoming and Air Traffic Controller and he of course accepted. He attended the Transport Canada Training Institute and upon graduation he was assigned to Goose Bay, Labrador and subsequently to Edmonton, Alberta.

After his release from the forces Mike obtained the position of Chief Dispatcher at Bombardier at Downsview in north Toronto. Shortly after the Airport Manager retired, Mike was assigned responsibility for the operation of the airport as Chief of Airport Operations.

After serving over 11 years with Bombardier an opportunity presented itself and Mike moved to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport. Mike held the positions of Senior Manager of Apron Operations, Manager of Runways and Taxiways, Senior Manager of Safety & Security Operations and Associate Director, Operations and Response. Very recently Mike became The General Manager of Airport Operations at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

Mike is an Accredited Airport Executive and also Chair of the Accreditation Committee for IAAE-Canada. He served two terms as President of the Airport Management Council of Ontario and is also on the Board of Directors of the Barrie Skyliners Big Band.

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